Convoy Group is your partner in professional development, offering specialized training services for law enforcement and corporate clients. We provide a range of training services for law enforcement and corporate clients. Our training services are centered around executive protection, undercover law enforcement, surveillance, and intelligence operations. Additionally, we offer train-the-trainer courses that are tailored to individual client needs. Our instructors are highly experienced special operations, intelligence community, U.S. Department of State, law enforcement, and Fortune 50 corporate security personnel.

Executive Protection

Explore our executive protection training, designed to equip individuals and teams with the skills needed to provide top-tier protection services. Our executive protection courses are scenario-based and leadership-oriented.

Undercover Law Enforcement

Delve into the intricacies of undercover operations with our training programs tailored for law enforcement professionals. Our expert instructors draw from real-world intelligence experience to provide practical insights and skills enhancement.


Master the art of surveillance through our comprehensive training courses. Learn advanced techniques for gathering critical information while maintaining covert operations.

Intelligence Operations

Unlock the secrets of intelligence operations with one of our intelligence training programs. Benefit from the expertise of our instructors, who bring real-world intelligence experience to the training environment.


Empower your team with our train-the-trainer courses, custom-tailored to your organization’s needs. Our experienced instructors ensure that your trainers are equipped with the latest knowledge and teaching methodologies.