Intelligence. Training. Protection.

Convoy Group is a veteran-owned and operated security consulting, training, and protection firm. We leverage our range of expertise and network across public and private sectors to provide clients with highly professional, tailored, and effective security solutions.

Convoy Group is led and staffed by experienced U.S. special operations, intelligence community, law enforcement, and corporate security personnel.

We bring together a team of seasoned security & intelligence professionals with diverse expertise gained from both the public and private sectors. Our collective experience spans special forces operations, intelligence operations, personnel recovery, surveillance and investigations, executive and close protection, secure transport, security management, and threat and security vulnerability assessments in politically sensitive environments across the globe.

Our staff are experts in training design and execution across the operations-intelligence spectrum and specialize in designing and facilitating unique training engagements as well as train-the-trainer courses.

Security Services

Convoy Group offers intelligence collection and analysis, consulting, training, and protection services. 

Global Experience – Our experts have a proven track record of conducting and managing intelligence, training, and protection operations in politically sensitive environments worldwide.

Training Excellence – Our training programs are designed to equip individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate complex operational environments.

Trust us to deliver exceptional results in every operation, training engagement, and security solution.

Our Values: Transparency, Training, Teamwork, Professionalism, Autonomy, and Flexibility (T3PAF).

Convoy Group partners with organizations that share our values. We know that developing and maintaining relationships with trusted partners is the only way to provide clients with the highest level of capability. We believe in the power of philanthropy and the never-ending mission we all have to support those who serve.


We believe in quality over quantity. We understand the power of organizational culture, transparency, flexibility, and incentivized autonomy to drive our superior services.